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Pronk Philosophy

Pronk is a Dutch word describing the display of one's best. For us this begins with our patternmaker who creates a fit that is flattering and comfortable.   The majority of our pieces are made in Liberty of London cotton which quality is among the best and which patterning is always elaborate and lovely.  Imported laces and glass buttons are other witnesses of our attention to detail and commitment to the highest standard. Our manufacturer in Madagascar is known for their embroidery and many of our pieces feature hand-embroidered details.  Pronk clothing is very well-made.  But like William Morris, we especially love beautiful things when they are of use or meaningful.  Inspired by Marken women from a small island in The Netherlands, we've learned that clothing, though a daily necessity, can enrich our lives. Clothes should comfort, distinguish and motivate us. However, we often forget this, trudging around in a boring routine instead. Even everyday clothing can become a source of power and pleasure when we choose pieces that reflect our authenticity rather than trends. Meant for women who recognize the importance of being deliberate about what they put on, Pronk styles are designed to be beautiful, useful, happy and good. Beautiful fabrics, comfortable silhouettes, happy combinations of color and the sheer goodness of our manufacturer in Madagascar make our vision possible. We encourage our wearers to become curators of their closets, carefully assembling pieces that fill their lives with meaning and beauty. A collection of clothing becomes priceless when the wearer claims it as their own. Marken women embroidered their clothes with gorgeous initials and motifs even in places where no one but themselves would see. With each Pronk item, we include thread and simple instructions for hand-stitching so you can experience the secret magic of even the smallest embellishment. Welcome to Pronk and our first season of mindful clothing. Quantities are very limited.